Bitnorth is about participation. That means that while we have a good idea how events will unfold, much of the content depends on what you contribute. We learned a lot from running the event last year, and we're trying to strike the right balance of learning, discussion, reflection, and fun. That said, here's a rough outline of the three days.

  • Friday, people will arrive throughout the afternoon and evening. We've got some icebreakers planned that you won't want to miss; plus, there's supper, games, and a paid bar.
  • Saturday is the learning part of the weekend. A series of short presentations, demonstrations, panels, and video clips created by attendees, with lunch.
  • Saturday evening it's time to cut loose. We're planning a monster of a party -- Whether music, campfires, poker or Werewolf is your thing, there's something for you. Or if you're not feeling too active, just grab a drink from the bar and chat about the topics of the day with interesting people.
  • Sunday is recovery time. If you want to keep learning and thinking, we'll have Birds of a Feather discussions. If you want to be more active, you can take a kayak out on the lake. Or you can just take a walk in the woods and take it easy.

Over the last two years we've had talks on the rise of literacy caused by texting and social networks, the forthcoming oil crisis, the hypergrowth of the Middle East, Zen meditation, community gardening, Kiva and microlending, an alternate history of Chinese exploration in the early 1400's and bringing broadband to the people of Northern Quebec. You can view some of the talks here.

Like we said. Stimulating conversation with smart people.