What's Bitnorth?

Bitcurrent is running the third annual Bitnorth event at Camp CAMMAC in the Laurentians. Explore the site to find out more. Check out previous short bits. Take a look at the photos on Flickr. If we can't answer all your questions on the website you can always feel free to contact us.

How much is it? What's in it for me?

The price of the weekend is $300. This includes everything from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon -- food, drinks, accommodations, and entertainment. It's a great location and promises to be a fantastic weekend with a bunch of interesting people.

Who's it for?

You! Last year the event was filled with entrepreneurs, techie people and creative types but we want everyone and anyone who is willing to stand up and tell us something we don't know. It's not just a technology event, but it is for smart people who want to share.

What are we doing?

The format of the event is collaborative; attendees are expected to contribute. Everyone has to be prepared to present for 5-10 minutes, moderate a panel, do a workshop or demonstration surrounding the theme. Last year this lead to lots of people with strong opinions and great discussion. We'll also do more stuff outdoors this year, since it's a warmer time of year.

We're also making lots of time for relaxing and hanging out.

Is there really no internet and a weak cell phone signal?

We're serious when we said it was a weekend to disconnect to reconnect. Last year this was one of the hidden benefits of the weekend. So consider this your fair warning. The Internet is turned off.

What's the catch?

Be warned: This is a camp. You'll have your own room but bathrooms are shared. We're betting that most attendees can handle a weekend at band camp. Flutes not included.